Monday, 8 August 2016

Starry Night Sky Over the Mountains | Landscape Art | Photoshop | Personal Work

Continuing into my personal project of landscapes and skyscapes, this time I tried a silhouette of a tree line with a mountain behind and a galaxy night sky. The tree line works well and was quite easy to layer up after creating 5 different tree shapes to add depth. The mountain was a lot harder to paint than I first thought it would be and instead  of opting for a more realistic look, I opted for a tonal approach to it. I think this worked well and was a great first attempt but looks a little too blurred and unfinished. The sky was fun to paint and I think I'm getting the hang of painting a blended and tonal sky, I'm just not happy with the 'stars' as they look a little bit like snow to me. This will definitely need more experimenting with. This was a good attempt but I think I will revisit this in the future and tweak certain aspects of it.

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