Friday, 24 February 2017

Research and Influence Maps | Adaption B | Year 2

I've been looking to strengthen the idea behind my Adaption B project by researching into all things 'noir'. From film noir, to neo-noir and tech noir; its been interesting piecing all of this information together and seeing the many different sides of the genre and its respective sub-genres. 

I watched Frank Miller's Sin City. Its a neo-noir piece with its background and themes based purely around the comic books. This adaption made for an interesting piece. It pays homage to film noir with its story lines, camera angles and black and white look but switches things up a bit with added splashes of colour. This added colour in some of the scenes really makes it 'pop' and drags the viewers eye to important pieces of information.
While researching into film noir, I stumbled across this beautiful infographic posted by the British Film Industry. It depicts the main points of noir and how it differs from other black and white films. This infographic has started to make me compare Skullduggery Pleasant and its plot line to film noir and so far I've made a lot of similarities. 

Skullduggery, first and foremost is a detective. Although he is a walking talking skeleton technically held together with magic, the bare bones of this series (pardon the pun) is a detective series with a bit of magical flair and fantasy thrown in. These shots are taken from classic film noir pieces and demonstrate how I'm beginning to imagine Skullduggery posed. Not only do I want to model the skeleton detective, I want him to be a homage to film noir as well. Even in the books, his clothing and attitude gives a nod towards the world of film noir and I would like to further that in my final piece.

During a google search of 'neo-noir' I stumbled across Marius Vieth, an amazing Dutch-German photographer and artist who is better known by the name 'VICE'. He did a collection of stills based around neo-noir and visually they look amazing. Of the 4 photos above, 3 of them capture a sense of how I want Skullduggery to be posed. I want him staged as if he was part of a noir film but to add a dash of neo-noir by adding a pop of colour as the flame in his hand ignites.

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