Sunday, 27 May 2018

Moving On | Building a House | Personal Project

Since handing in my last project, I've come to realise that I'm interested in making environments, sets and assets. As my project is in the complete opposite direction I no longer feel that I can use it in a showreel. Instead, I'm going to be spending my summer creating a number of sets that I feel can show off my talents in an area that I'm intrested in.

I have been making a house from scratch trying to include as many intricate features as possible. The kitchen is one of the rooms I've worked on the most so far but I hope to work on the other rooms and get them kitted out soon. It took around 7 hours to completely cover the house in skirting boards, light switches and plug sockets...

View from the front porch. The glass is coming out black for some unknown reason but I'm hoping it will improve as more assets are added inside.
The kitchen so far with 2 human models to show scale.
View of the kitchen without the people.
View from the dining room so far. Most of the textures seen are only temporary.
Birds-eye-view of some of the rooms so far.

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