Monday, 29 February 2016

Initial Ideas and Audience Research | Fantastic Voyage

I have been researching around my idea of a paper cut puppet theatre. I think this idea is best suited in Maya and can be constructed easily in sections of panels, evenly spaced apart.
The first shall be a theatre front. The next 2 layers are side curtains for the stage and the back will be a changing backdrop to help move the animation along.

I began designing some of the main components like the cells and how they might work in a cam belt like setting. This will allow a constant flow to imitate the blood. I have yet to solidify the story but I think that animating in this way will be interesting to do.

Colour and shading will be best in matte and muted tones with a slight texturing. A toon shader might also work well with this to achieve a disney-esque look but may impact upon the paper cut look I am trying to achieve.

I also did a small bit of market research into what audience would best fit my animation. I'm hoping that my animation would be family friendly and appeal to all ages but realistically, I am looking to focus on the young children to young adults. This means that the scientific terms may be used but I do not need to overfill the animation with the terminology.

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  1. I highly recommend checking out the intro to Battleblock theater if you haven't already:
    It's really nicely animated and quite funny, as well as appealing to the age group you're looking at :)