Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Warehouse Research | From Script to Screen

The whole of my animation takes place inside of a large warehouse. Although set in several different rooms within the building, I felt like it was necessary to look into warehouse shapes, locations and reoccurring designs.

I'm assuming that most of the warehouses as shown above are from the shape time period as they all have the large glass windows (sometimes spanning 2 floors or more for maximum light), wooden flooring, large brick columns to support the roofs of the large open spaces. details like this will be really nice to add into my work and will give the environment more character.

1 comment:

  1. A few of these (like the one with the two chimney stacks or the two interior shots left of it) strike me more as factories. In life they would have been host to long rows of machines such as spinning jennies. You're on the right track with high ceilings though, and possibly the windows although warehouses could also lack groud-reachable window ledges to reduce the ease of breaking in.