Thursday, 30 March 2017

Crit Write Up | Adaption B | Year 2

I feel that the crit went well. The feedback I received was good and has helped me to create a plan for the upcoming weeks of work. Of course I expect this to change with time but this is my rough plan as follows:

6 weeks to go: final drawings done. Art style chosen. 
5 weeks to go: final model started
4 weeks to go: model at around 50% done
3 weeks to go: model at around 80% complete
2 weeks to go: model complete and poses started
1 week to go: render time and time for making an art of
Deadline: 11th May

Within the next week I need to experiment with art styles as I've been told that maybe a realistic look isn't the simplest to create. I want my work to be some what realistic but with a cartoon feel. I need to try to express this within my drawings to do this I need to draw some more skeletons in suits in a range of styles rather than different components separately. 

I have to leave myself a lot of time to model my character Skullduggery Pleasant because as Phil put so plainly, my project is a 'naked project'. This means that at its core, my character is a skeleton in a suit. There is no room for error as people know what each components look like and if there is even one element wrong, it will break the elusion.

My final piece will be a short animated sequence but I would also like a few other rendered shots of him in various positions. I know this will take time and I've given myself roughly 2 weeks to do this in so I hope that no major issues arise. 

Currently, I have given myself 5 weeks to create a fully modelled and rigged character. I think this is manageable but I cannot slack during the modelling stage. In the past my time management hasn't always been the best so I'm going to reevaluate my work weekly to try and keep on top of my workload. 

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