Friday, 10 March 2017

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27th February - 3rd March 2017. CAA's field trip abroad to Rome. It was great fun for me to return to a country that I haven't seen since I was about age 10. I spent most of the trip piecing my old memories of Rome together with the version of Rome that I saw before me. Most of it I remembered, some of it came back to me as we walked past places. 
For example, where I knelt in the road to take a picture of the archway is where I was almost hit by a bus last time I was in Rome. I knew I should take a picture there but I didn't remember why until my dad told me later that evening on Skype.
I remembered the Trevi Fountain but there was no Burger King opposite like I remembered to give you that harsh slap of old vs new.
I remembered the Colosseum, but not the armed guards and there was definitely not any of the barriers at the Sistine Chapel. 
I remembered the Egyptian Obelisks that we walked past - especially at Piazza Del Popolo. It was all vaguely familiar but at the same time, things had changed.

Before we went to Rome I set myself a mini project to do while out there - to find some of the locations that either my parents had been to in 1989 or I had been to in 2006. I wanted to match the old with the new. In most cases it was simply impossible to get the correct angle to take the photo due to new barriers or crowds but I think I did a pretty good job. I only managed to get 6 photos of the 10 I hoped for but I still think it's pretty impressive to see the difference. 
The Basilicas at Piazza Del Popolo now sports scaffolding and billboards. The Spanish Steps have huge advertisement boards. The Vatican City and Colosseum now feature barriers and fences. The only place that seemed unchanged was the Trevi Fountain. 

On the trip I managed to take over 500 photos so these are just a sample of some of the photos I amassed while out there. 

Photo in a Photo.
Group photos are always necessary.
'Our Brad in Rome'

Roman Forum


Trevi Fountain


  1. I love that one of Brad with the guy in the red behind him! What on earth was he doing?!?! :D