Thursday, 19 November 2015

Online Green light Review 2 | What If

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  1. OGR 19/11/2015

    Hi Beckie,

    I've got two things to say to you... the first is congrats on pushing past your early difficulties with this project and working up some interesting forms. The second if: GET RID OF THOSE TREES!!! You've worked so hard to translate Herpen's forms into something architectural, and then you create a composition in which you tuck all of the architectural elements behind each other in rows - and then cover the whole thing in trees, which has the effect of making your buildings look garden-shed sized, as opposed to the epic, Aztecian-sized temples they actually resemble! I know Herpen derives ideas from the natural world, but this composition is doing you no favours at all; it's as if you've come up with something fascinating - and then put them together in the most conventional way possible - a two sided street, wherein all the structures are exactly the same size and the avenue is lined with trees...

    Aren't your forms begging for something as epic as this?

    Now is the time to have some fun working with your forms, to play with scale and composition - and to really think about the character of this city! I think you also need to give some additional thought to these forms as being 'architecture' as opposed to merely big sculptural forms. Your orthographics have the suggestion of a door, but that's it, and really, I think you made need to rationalise your forms a little further, so think about how their forms might be simplified a little further; take a look at these examples that use layering and multiplied elements for an idea of how you might develop your 'forms' a little more into architecture:

    In summary then, you've got some fab forms, developed in an interesting way, but I don't think a) have your actual architecture just yet, and b) I think you need to think much more imaginatively in terms of putting this city together in terms of your composition.