Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Hibernaculumis | Work In Progress | Maya

This is the work that I have completed so far in my Maya scene! With a few small hiccups along the way, I have manage to model all of my buildings which are all looking great! I've mapped out some of the UV's which do need a bit more work on, just to make sure that my textures lie across the surface properly. Finally, I've mapped out a rough version of my city. This isn't my final piece but a great test version which has allowed me to scale all the buildings and set the city layout and the camera angle as well as some basic lighting!

The images above show my progress from when I first imported all the buildings into a test scene and replacing some buildings with better models, to testing lighting and basic UVs. The final image was a test with the matte painting to check the colour of the lighting used in the scene.

My next tasks are:

  • to add in windows and doors 
  • UV the remaining buildings

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