Wednesday, 23 September 2015

1st Maya Tutorial | Goblets | WIP | Screenshots | Maya

This is a screen shot of my work so far on the 1st online Maya tutorial. I think I've done really well and have improved massively on the NURBs egg cup and really refined the shape down. The shape is really smooth and refined compared to my last attempt and I do have more of a straightened edge to the first. Using NURBs was a lot easier today as what I had learnt in lesson had sunk in and taken effect. I'm also beginning to understand the process a lot more as well as remembering where buttons are in the menus and which arrow keys to use.

I'm part way through creating the 2nd egg cup using the polygon method and so far, I feel very happy with my work. I've had a few hiccups due to using the wrong arrow tool and was redefining just one plane of the stem and not the whole outer edge. I understand this mistake and now I've corrected myself, I feel a lot more confident with the program.

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