Saturday, 26 September 2015

Goblets | Practise | Screenshots | Maya

After completing the egg cup tutorial, following the video as a step-by-step guide, I wanted to test if the skills I had learnt from it had really sunk in. I decided to test myself and remake the egg cups from memory. Making goblets seemed like more of a challenge and I thought I would struggle without referring to the video.

I was so wrong! I created 4 goblets and was very pleased with the outcome. I did check with the video that I was extruding the top and bottom planes of the Poly cylinder correctly but didn't have any major problems! I definitely feel so much happier using Maya and cannot wait to try more of the tutorials and see how much I can challenge and push myself along the way!


  1. Great stuff, Beckie - this is what is known as 'self-directed study'! Also - and this is a small thing - but I like your method of titling your posts - informative, simple, useful.

    1. thank you :) I thought it would be better to title them this way so posts on my blog do not get so confusing in the future!