Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Abstract | Brush and Lasso | Mixed Media | Lesson 2 | Photoshop

These are the 12 thumbnails that I did today in the Photoshop lesson. We were learning to be abstract with our work and learning some of the basic brushes and tools. My 1st 6 thumbnails are from the 'abstract brush' exercise. I tried to pick the colours that reflected what I had written from the 'word stack' for Armilla. They were supposed to reflect the colours that you might find throughout the city and how the water may pool when overflowing from the "forest of pipes". I'm especially proud of number 3 because to me, I have managed to capture the perfect tonal values and haziness of bubbling water, constantly bubbling and overflowing which would be oh so perfect for those "nymphs and naiads".

My second page of thumbnails are from the "Abstract Lasso" exercise. Thumbnails 1-3 were drawn with the lasso tool, giving me complete freedom with the shapes that would be selected, whereas with thumbnails 4-6, I used the polygonal lasso tool. These gave harsher edges and reminded me more of a kaleidoscope with its sharpened edges to the colours used within.

My third set of thumbnails was from our "Mixed Media" exercise. This was made by using some of the thumbnails I had made for the other two pages and combining them and changing opacity, blending options and transforming the images. I LOVED doing this and really had a lot of fun with thumbnails 2 and 4. I think they turned out the best and I would love to just print those thumbnails and sneak them into a gallery as 'modern art'. They are by far 2 of my favourite thumbnails of the day.

I do have room for improvement and I must learn to be quicker with Photoshop using the shortcuts on the keyboard as this could save me a lot of time in my future pieces.

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