Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Jewellery and Gold Rush Towns | Reference | Influence | Invisible Cities

Drawings of a Gold Rush town style setting. Could be used as part of the miners side to the city for Anastasia.
Looking into all of the gem stones that can be mined in the city it was clear that the jewellery would be statement pieces. I designed a few pieces that might be for sale on the market
This was one of my original ideas for the miners side of the city. The houses are built into the walls of the city and some of the managers live in gold rush style houses outing out of the walls.

These are 3 scans of pages out of my sketchbook. These pencil drawings of some of my initial ideas of the city after my feedback from Phil.

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  1. Excellent research and I like the detail you're going to with regard to what exactly would be sold in the Market and differentiating the poorer and richer part of the city. I look forward to seeing more thumbnails of your version of Anastasia. Keep it up!