Saturday, 19 March 2016

Front of Box Redesign | Photoshop | Fantastic Voyage

Following on from the feedback I received in the pitch, I have begun to restyle and redesign many of the components in my work. For the box itself, I have got rid of the theatre front and started experimenting with making it more box like and childish. I've also began to experiment with over layering some textures into them and It is definitely helping and given the 4 variations a better depth and more appeal than a flat, plain colour. I've also tried to experiment a little with text and the kid that the child making this would use stickers or have a younger sibling who might scribble on the box.

My favourite Is the top left. It has a more childish aspect to it but feels more a 11 or 12 year old has created it. It still has a childish look and feel but the stickers look more decorative than random. For a younger kids approach, the bottom left is definitely a strong piece to me. It features glow in the dark solar system stickers. Many children jump to stars and planets when they think of science.

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  1. I think you shout write 'my science project' in our own hand-writing - to keep it all looking hand-made and bespoke. Designwise, I like one, but maybe the coloured stars shouldn't be so Christmassy and just in colours?