Monday, 7 March 2016

Post OGR Thoughts and Reimagined Ideas | Fantastic Voyage

Upon reflection of the OGR, I wanted to find some way to combine a child-like cardboard box theme and the cleaner cut paper cut theatre I originally wanted to make.

Now I'm thinking that I could create a 'cardboard theatre'. This simplifies the surroundings and allows for more focus on the animation itself. It also helps with the characteristics for the animation. All the components will look like a child and parent project, where everything is made from cardboard and skewers. This allows the puppet like feel and I can combine the automata characteristics as well.

These drawings are some quick sketches that helped me to re-imagine the project. I've used the blood flow concept art as a 'backdrop'. The fuller colour makes it look like the body is heathy. The darker version looks diseased and pushes the infected feel across. The backdrops will be changing through out as they would in a normal theatre production and there will be a 'lighting' bar that is clearly seen. Normally this would be hidden behind a 'border' but I like the exposed look. I'm also thinking about using the 'borders' and curtains during the animation to help restrict the view even further to draw in interest to certain points of the animation.

So far, I'm thinking that my story will be focused more on facts than on a fictional story and I hope to have a rough draft up of my ideas in the next day or two.

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  1. these are fun - like the look of things so far! Onwards!