Monday, 23 April 2018

More Outline Tests | Major Project | Year 3

In a bid to make the models look more 'hand-drawn' with choppy outlines, I've been experimenting with toon outliner even more. The car looks absolutely fantastic with this choppy outline but on the other models, I'm not so sure. The normal outline works very well but I'm unsure if this adds to the look or ruins the effect. I might tweak this outline further on individual models to try and perfect it.

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Art of Update #2 | Major Project | Year 3

While waiting for some of my shots to render, I've had some 'spare' time to continue updating and working on the Art Of. I've updated Chapter 1 with a more recent render rather than a render dating back to the minor project. Chapter 2 is pretty much solidified now although I'm not entirely happy with the layout of the pages within the chapter so some changes might be made later on. Chapter 3 is a work in progress. It's set up ready to go but the layout of my Art Of is pretty fluid currently so eventually there might not even be a Chapter 3 but a Chapter 4 could also be on its way - who knows! 

Saturday, 31 March 2018

Art Of Progress | Major Project | Year 3

I've been remastering my current Art Of to look a lot more professional and updating it along the way with renders and screenshots of my work.  Here's a sneak peak of the Art Of so far...

The current cover to the Art Of. It currently features one of the lighting renders but eventually I think I may change this to a similar shot featuring all of the models from the project
Chapter 1: Behind the Art. This is one of the double page contents/chapter pages that I've designed. The render covers the 2 pages and helps to tie it all together. 

This is the double page spread for the questions. It felt strange trying to dedicate a singular page to just 8 questions so I've included an early coloured render of the domes too.
The double-page spreads are dedicated to the questions and responses have been given a cleaner look too.

The collage of imagery responses may be updated in time but currently, I'm a lot happier with the fonts and colours I've chosen. I'm hoping to make it a running theme throughout the Art Of. I'm yet to add any branding to the mix but so far my work feels a lot more professional, cleaner and more organised. 

Coloured Lighting | Major Project | Year 3

I've been testing some coloured lighting on my model collection to try and remove the 'dystopian feel' that the white/greyish renders were giving it. Originally the testing didn't go to plan and I pretty quickly had a steep learning curve with the new Arnold lighting system as spotlights did the very opposite thing that I wanted them to do.

I tried adding a blue spotlight above the horses. This strangely dyed everything else in the scene blue other than the horses! The next 15 renders and lighting tests all looked very similar too no matter what I tried and the horses still didn't appear to like coloured lights. Eventually, I had to settle for some tests with an overly large directional light that coloured the entire scene. These, in turn, gave me an opportunity to blend or merge 2 different ones together in photoshop. 

Orignial lighting test with blue spot light.

Red lighting

Steel grey lighting

Steel blue lighting

Peach and light blue merged render

White and peach merged render

Friday, 23 March 2018

Texture Experiments | Major Project | Year 3

Following on from my last post, I got some expert advice from Ethan Shilling. He told me it might be best to play about with the thin wall option and subsurface settings.

The 'tracing paper' texture is on everything within the scene but with the changes, it seems to work best with the background. This may be to do with how thick the models are or in the case of the domes and the pods just how complex they are. There is no internal lighting as of yet but that is the next step. 

These small changes have definitely helped with the overall colour of the scene but have started to give a 'washed-out' effect. Many more tests are needed yet!
Where things were left last time. (For comparison only)
Thin-walled texture option applied and subsurface changed to 0.5
Thin-walled texture with subsurface increased to 0.75 and the emission weight increased to 0.2

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Lighting Experimentation | Major Project | Year 3

Lighting today still isn't going to plan. Since switching to the Arnold rendering software I'm struggling to create/find a light/light combo that will light my work nicely. At the moment none of these models are lit internally which will, in turn, affect the render once again. This is just some of the renders from today and the beginnings of the experiments that are underway to fix the dull grey appearance of the renders.

Original Lighting
Lighting increased to 1.5
Lighting at 1.5 with samples increased to 4
Lighting at 1.5 with samples increased to 4 (test 2)
Lighting now increased from a skydome and an area light to a skydome and 3 arealights