Monday, 28 August 2017

Project Ideas | Minor Project | Year 3

I want my project to be titled "Beyond the Unknown" as I want to create a 3D model of a town, location or set ideally based in the past. This is because a lot of our historical sites are either badly damaged by time and weather, destroyed or simply unfinished. I have 10 ideas in which I expanded on and a further 8 which is purely location only. I have so many ideas because I'm very aware that some of them are unfeasible by either the amount of work or what would be required to complete some of them. I have had a chat with Phil and imaging what the future would look like is also possible but I thought that I would list everything that I have thought of so far.

  • Underwater greek/roman city
  • Filmed from a diver’s perspective
  • Used as an education tool/to help scholars/students visualse what it could have looked like
Mayan Empire
  • Then & now
  • 3D model of one of the ‘lost cities’ and how it could have looked like
  • Model its final resting place and how the ship now looks
  • Could be used to enhance learning about the events
Recreation of Rochester Castle
  • Working from historical documents and imagery
  • Recreate Rochester Castle in its hay-day
Pyramids of Giza
  • 3D model of the pyramids including the speculated chambers
Fotheringhay Castle, (Oundle Northamptonshire)
  • Recreation of the castle as all thats left is one lump of stonework
Lyveden New Bield
  • unfinished Elizabethan summer house
  • 3D model to show what it could have looked like if it had ever been finished
Chatham Dockyards
  • 3D model to show its useage during some of its busiest times

Port Lympne Castle (Kent)

  • 3D model of the castle and surrounding areas to show what it could have looked like during medieval times when it was first built 
Fort Amherst
  • 3D model of the tunnel network showing the Fort during it's various stages of use.
  • I am also aware that they are possibly due to get more plans of blocked off tunnels from the government soon. 
Collossus of Rhodes
Alexandria Lighthouse (Egypt)
Tower of Babel
Old oil plants
Industrial esate
Ford Dagenham
Fleggburgh Hall (Felbrigg Hall, Gardens and Estate, Norfolk)