Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Art Of "My Science Project" | Fantastic Voyage

This is my Art Of for Fantastic Voyage. It is a work in progress as I plan to update it over summer as I enrich my project and my final animation.

CG Artist Toolkit | Maya Tutorials

Intro to Maya 2016

Modeling 1:

Lighting & Rendering
Night and Sunset Interior

Texturing & Shading 1
Tillable & Layered Textures
Intro into Substance Materials

Animation 1
Part 1 - on the Spot
Part 2 - with Travel and Rotation
Secondary Action & Overlap
Arm - Anticipation & Followthrough
Felix Jnr Rig
Walking Cycles

Intro to Pre-Viz
Part 9 - Camera Shake
Part 10 - Contra - Zoom

Rigging and Skinning

Interactive Weights
Post Weights & Interactive Binding

Modelling 2: Hard Surface and Organics
Hard Surface Model - Scooter
Organic Model

All tutorials can be found by the links above or from the "Maya Tutorials" Tab at the top of the blog.

Squash and Stretch: Jumping | Maya

Legs, Spine, Head and Neck | Rigging | Maya

Settle & Rest: Pendulum | Maya

Custom Camera Rig | Maya

Batch Rendering | Maya

Reflectivity | Maya

With and without shadow