Sunday, 30 April 2017

Skull 2 | Test | Adaption B | Year 2

This was attempt 2 at modelling a skull. This time it went a lot better and I could create a smoother shape but there was still too much geometry. My third skull will be made using the proper orthography and not the original drawings from the 1st 2 attempts which I think will help.

Skull 1 | Test | Maya | Adaption B | Year 2

This was my first attempt at modelling a skull. Although I got the rough shape correct, I had added too much geometry and it was getting very difficult to change the shape.

Friday, 7 April 2017

Week 2 | Sculpting | Year 2

This week, I continued adding clay to my model and began to add some detail. I sank his eyes into the clay before adding the nose. I added clay to the top of his head to start blocking out his hair. I think its really starting to take shape and I'm having a lot of fun creating this model.

Week 1 | Sculpting | Year 2

For week 1 of sculpting, we had to set up the base of our model. This was made up of of a wire loop and tin foil before bulking it out with clay. I've chosen to model Mr Incredible from the Pixar film the Incredibles. I added a base layer of clay and started adding extra layers for his chin.