Monday, 30 January 2017

Overview of Ideas | Adaption B | Year 2

For my Adaption B project, I started off with 4 separate ideas that all originate from books. Up until this point, their research and idea development has been separate but I felt it was time to compress the core ideas into one post and start choosing my final idea.

Skullduggery Pleasant
The idea surrounding my plans to adapt Skullduggery Pleasant is to combine the essence of the story with neo-noir. I hope to take direct excerpts from the series as a base to create a model of Skullduggery and have him pose in a classic film-noir setting before he creates a flame in his hands and the scene pops with colour. This is possibly the strongest idea that I have and I would love to create more than one model, even if it is Skullduggery as the Skeleton Detective and Skullduggery in his disguise. However, I would rather model another character to pose along side him. Namely Stephanie Edgley, the female protagonist or her kiss-ass fighting alter-ego, Valkyrie Cain. 

The Last Dragon Chronicles
The last Dragon Chronicles is based around magical clay dragons. I want to take direct excerpts from the books about 3 of the dragons and model them around a superhero concept. This could go 1 of 2 ways. A more realistic view based around the live action superhero films such as X-Men or the Fantastic Four or to go for the comic book look with the bold outlines and bright colours. Of course, they are initially clay dragons and I’m keen to stick with this but to what degree of realism is still debatable. I have some inspiration in the form of my 2 clay dragons at home but I don't want to be influenced too much, as this could affect their overall look.

The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness
The main concept for The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness is to create a 3D walk through of the map, taking influence from the Game of Thrones intro sequence. This revolves around the map illustration from within the cover of book 1. This is one of the more vague ideas out of the 4 but it does have potential. For this idea to work, it would take a lot of effort as the map is quite extensive. A lot of it is forest based before reaching different clan settlements and several different terrains including mountain ranges and the sea. These are modelling issues which would need research before committing to this idea, as the set would be large with many assets to it.

Artemis Fowl
Artemis Fowl has the potential to be great but comes with several issues. It is the only idea that has a prior adaption into a graphic novel. Although my idea to adapt it may be seen as another vague idea, I believe that the art style from the graphic illustrations and graphic artists Dan Mumford and Olly Moss create, I could really take the models to a new level visually. Making one fully rigged character in this time limit is ordinarily enough of a challenge but for this idea to reach its full potential, I feel that I would have to model the other 2 characters. This obviously has its drawbacks as I would be modelling not only a human boy but a centaur and a fairy. This could take a lot of time as they would need special attention and potentially look wrong with their level of realism compared to Artemis or even with aesthetic features.

The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness and Artemis Fowl are definitely the weakest ideas. They would take a lot of time and effort and ultimately at this time, I do not think that they would be possible to complete within the time frame. I think that Skullduggery Pleasant is definitely the strongest idea and has a lot of potential. It has the most interesting approach by including neo-noir and with no prior adaptions, it would allow me to put my own twist on the series. The Last Dragon Chronicles is another strong idea but the superhero idea does need refining. 

At this point, I feel that I should narrow my ideas down to Skullduggery and the dragons as they are definitely the strongest ideas. I feel that Skullduggery is the best idea but I don't want to jump straight into neo-noir with out taking this idea further in research and designs.

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