Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Reflective Statement | Character | Year 2

This project was quite hard for me as initially I didn't want to choose the wildcard and spent a few weeks trying to form my project around the 2 options that I had been given. Once I realised this wouldn't work for me, I changed my idea to the wildcard and chose a pet store. This seemed to make more sense but I was still struggling on how to fit the sound clip into my work.

When I finally decided to base my story around guinea pigs, I did a lot of research which backed up my knowledge that I already knew from owning 2 guinea pigs when I was younger. I wanted to step outside my comfort zone of drawing humans and try to draw animals for a change. This gave me many issues due to the fact that the guinea pig skeleton and shape is against everything I knew about drawing animals and creatures. A lot of drawings I was creating were scrapped and scribbled out before they were even finished as I knew that the body shape was all wrong. I should have kept these and asked for more help than I did but part of me was determined to battle through these struggles on my own. This stubborn approach ultimately shrank my potential for this project.

Drawing guinea pigs was a lot harder to do than I ever imagined and I struggled deciding if they should be more cartoon like and risk loosing the guinea pig shape, or to make them more realistic, which ultimately destroyed my chance to make them into fully developed characters with personality.

If I was to redo this project, I feel that I would have to ask for help more often than I was willing to do this time around. I would also keep all drawings even if I didn't like them or didn't complete them as this could have helped to show my development and documented my struggles.

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