Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Video Infographic Research | Adaption A | Videos | Year 2

As I'm not really sure in which direction to take my Adaption A project, I thought that I should do some research on video infographics for my top 3 ideas.

When researching about health, doctors and nurses to help "Things your doctor doesn't tell you", it brought up some interesting videos during my searches. A lot of different stances were taken. From the way they were delivering the facts and the statistics used, to the colour schemes and if voice overs were used or not. From what I found, I could see no clear pattern in style.

After looking into these health related videos, I found that one of my originally discarded ideas - "Things your body doesn't tell you" could just be health related facts such as "on average your body needs x amount of sleep", "on average your heart pumps x amount of times per day", to more serious stances such as "do you realise what happens to your body when you have an unbalanced diet?" or "cuts and burns can be serious". This idea definitely needs more thought but could also be interchanged with "Things your doctor doesn't tell you".

Next, I looked into infographics about parents. These were much harder to find but the language used in them was friendly for people of all ages, not just the parents. Some had a comic like quality to them which tried to make them appealing for all the family (food infographic) whereas others took on a more serious tone. The colour schemes were spilt between bright and colourful tones and some were muted colours. These reflected on the tonality of the piece.

I also found some other interesting infographics which I will also post below. As a general rule, they all appear to be made with bright and colourful tones, rely on fonts and typefaces and they all have a cartoon-esque appeal. Some were more reliant on computer based transitions to move between points were as some others seemed to flow continuously throughout.

I think the next step is to find 2 different approaches for each of my top ideas (a comic version and a more serious one) and I will then try to back each one up with some points and statistics. I'll see which one has the most potential before I draft up a rough script. I also plan to look into typefaces and font as I believe this to be a main factor in a successful and engaging infographic. All of my images will be drawn up using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and then, depending on my chosen style, I will either create the final piece in Adobe After Effects or Premiere Pro (possibly even a mix of the 2 programs)

Health/Doctor/Nurse Infographics

Parental Infographics / Infographics about Parents

Other cool infographics

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