Friday, 13 January 2017

Submission Linked Post | Year 2

CG Artists Toolkit (Maya Tutorials)

Pipeline 1: Body Modelling

Film Reviews

Quality Part 1: B-Movies - Laurel and Hardy

Character Work

All Character Work
Character Presentation

Reflective Statements


Overall, I think that I could have done more work but due to poor time management and issues with Maya, I have a lot less than I should have. Using Maya on a mac last year didn't cause me many issues but now as I try to import shelves and add in extra bits to Maya, I'm struggling. This is mainly due to the differences in main program location and the way a mac works vs a windows machine. Even using a hard drive has proved problematic for me after updating, as key patches were originally missing. For about 2 weeks I was unable to access any of my work until I managed to download a patch to fix the issue. I need to search the internet and find fixes for these issues fast, as it is delaying my work considerably. 

Although, I have enjoyed doing the Maya tutorials, I have often doubted the work created - especially for the head tutorials as I feel that I should be creating it a lot quicker than I am. It's only now that I see how long this process really is. Unfortunately, the head and body tutorials aren't complete but I am going to keep working on them and try to get them finished at the latest for Thursday's Maya class as I do not want to be behind. 

I liked the Maya classes but found the 3 pose animation harder to do than I first thought. This may be due to the activity that I chose for Max to do (archery) but I now have a greater understanding of animating. This is definitely a weaker skill for me and it will need some more practise until I feel happier about the process. I loved doing the lip syncing and found it really enjoyable. I thought that I would struggle with it but its only recently that I've realised that I rely on lip reading in life and when watching films. If I don't hear what someone has said, I rely on their mouth movements to fill in the blanks and I would definitely say that this has helped me with this task. 

I did enjoy the film reviews and really liked the freedom of choosing my own films. It took me a while to understand some of the concepts that I had to write about. For example, I initially struggled with the opposing characters review as although I understood the general idea, I found it hard to to relate it to any films. It took me several attempts to truly understand it and write the review. I also found it hard to determine how many acts a film had. I could work it out with plays or theatrical pieces but not really for any films. Any film that I watched I tried to break down into acts but it also took me several weeks to determine the exact point that an act began and when it ended. Now that I understand these concepts, I can see these traits in most films that I watch.

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