Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Typeface and Font | Research and Ideas | Adaption A | Year 2

During my research into infographics, I found that the font and typeface can make or break an infographic, especially where the is a lot of text involved. Ironically, I had to find some infographics on typography to find out some simple information.

A lot of fonts work best when paired together. There is a lot of science behind how a font works. Serif, Sans serif and Script are the main classifications. Within these there are sub-fonts and styles derived from the main font. Generally, big bold fonts work best when paired with a slim font. It shows variance of importance to the reader. Italic fonts and script fonts work best when paired with a capitalised thin font.

To find my own pair of fonts that will work best for my project may take some experimenting. In the meantime I have tested a few fonts below. Of course the final fonts will also depend on the tone of my piece as businesslike fonts will work better with a serious tone.

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