Saturday, 31 March 2018

Art Of Progress | Major Project | Year 3

I've been remastering my current Art Of to look a lot more professional and updating it along the way with renders and screenshots of my work.  Here's a sneak peak of the Art Of so far...

The current cover to the Art Of. It currently features one of the lighting renders but eventually I think I may change this to a similar shot featuring all of the models from the project
Chapter 1: Behind the Art. This is one of the double page contents/chapter pages that I've designed. The render covers the 2 pages and helps to tie it all together. 

This is the double page spread for the questions. It felt strange trying to dedicate a singular page to just 8 questions so I've included an early coloured render of the domes too.
The double-page spreads are dedicated to the questions and responses have been given a cleaner look too.

The collage of imagery responses may be updated in time but currently, I'm a lot happier with the fonts and colours I've chosen. I'm hoping to make it a running theme throughout the Art Of. I'm yet to add any branding to the mix but so far my work feels a lot more professional, cleaner and more organised. 

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