Friday, 23 March 2018

Texture Experiments | Major Project | Year 3

Following on from my last post, I got some expert advice from Ethan Shilling. He told me it might be best to play about with the thin wall option and subsurface settings.

The 'tracing paper' texture is on everything within the scene but with the changes, it seems to work best with the background. This may be to do with how thick the models are or in the case of the domes and the pods just how complex they are. There is no internal lighting as of yet but that is the next step. 

These small changes have definitely helped with the overall colour of the scene but have started to give a 'washed-out' effect. Many more tests are needed yet!
Where things were left last time. (For comparison only)
Thin-walled texture option applied and subsurface changed to 0.5
Thin-walled texture with subsurface increased to 0.75 and the emission weight increased to 0.2

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  1. PWTM goes out on Sunday - really hoping to feature a more broad selection of year 3 work - I know the work is happening, I just can't share it with anyone if it's not available - get some nice high-quality updates on here by Friday and give me a cracking choice :)