Thursday, 22 March 2018

Lighting Experimentation | Major Project | Year 3

Lighting today still isn't going to plan. Since switching to the Arnold rendering software I'm struggling to create/find a light/light combo that will light my work nicely. At the moment none of these models are lit internally which will, in turn, affect the render once again. This is just some of the renders from today and the beginnings of the experiments that are underway to fix the dull grey appearance of the renders.

Original Lighting
Lighting increased to 1.5
Lighting at 1.5 with samples increased to 4
Lighting at 1.5 with samples increased to 4 (test 2)
Lighting now increased from a skydome and an area light to a skydome and 3 arealights

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  1. Hey Beckie... check your uca email - Ethan Shilling has dropped by with some advice....