Monday, 19 March 2018

Progress with Textures and Outlines | Major Project | Year 3

This is how far I've managed to get in terms of a tracing paper texture that can be backlit. Here I used a smaller cube with the glow texture half in and half out of the main cube. I'm not sure how much thinner I want to go to replicate tracing paper but the colour is not far off.
Continuing on my with my toon outline experimentation, I've begun testing it on some of my other models. The outline on the domes is the same on the car but due to the size difference, it doesn't look right.
Thinner outline applied to the car and tested with some of the horses as well. Sizing is off but gives a nice group shot of the models so far.
Pod houses added in. Toon outline doesn't seem to work so well of these for some reason. It doesn't want to show the lines between the pods even with some tweaking. So I'm not sure if it is a thickness issue, a rendering issue or even an angle issue. I think it's going to take some further experimenting to fix it.


  1. Hey Becky... so a couple of things 1) I think you should embed your images bigger, so your blog is as impactful as possible... and 2) (and bearing in mind I'm probably not looking at proper renders) I think you need to work against the 'greyness' factor and ensure your world feels light and warm as opposed to too dystopian... but the ensemble here is looking cute.

    1. whoops! Image sizes fixed. Lighting is proving to be an odd issue for me - no matter what I try it always looks dark! Think that will have to be a bit of experimenting and possibly a question for Alan!