Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Feedback Wanted | Outline Testing | Major Project | Year 3

Continuing on from my work for the minor project, I've been continuing my experimentation for the texture. I'm aiming for a tracing paper feel with a black outline.
So far this is the closest my texturing has come to a tracing paper look and feel. It's still not quite right but it is semi-translucent and offwhite. 
For this render, I added a toon outline to all aspects of the model. It really doesn't work well on the glass domes.

For this render, I removed the toon outline from the domes and it already looks a lot better.

This outline method involves making individual lines from cylinders and deforming them before putting them in place.
Moving forward, I think I'm going to change the glass texture to a more transparent tracing paper texture that I've developed but I'm battling to light it internally so we don't lose sight of the trees inside of it.

There are a few more methods I could try but so far I can't decide which is more effective as I think they both work well. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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  1. Hey Becky - I like the last dome iteration: I think you should send this image to Ethan for some further advice re. texturing and lighting with this being a good example of what you're out to achieve. I think you might be looking at render layers and putting some stuff together in AE, and I think Ethan's experience on Red & The Kingdom Of Sound might help further finesse your art direction. It was exciting to see this! There's a lot of innate charm in those domes - as I knew there would be if you could begin to work as closely with original drawings as possible :)