Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Thumbnails 34-36 | Summer Project

Three more life forms. Not really combining objects together here as this was a 10minute challenge I set myself. I chose 3 objects as starting points and wanted to create 3 separate characters by rotating the objects and looking at them from a new angle. It created a goose, 'plant-pot robot' and an owl. Although they are not that intricate, they are simple line drawings and could easily be modelled into fully functioning characters. I think this was a great challenge to set myself and should set challenges like this for myself more often.


  1. Hi Beckie!
    My name is Emily, I'm a recently graduated CAA student and I will be your mentor for the next few weeks!! :D Your summer project thumbnails are looking pretty cool! I get the feeling that, like me, you enjoy the cartoony cute stuff. I loved your little owl character! And also, not to sound trigger happy- Your guns page was awesome too. (Im very jealous of your visit to a steampunk exhibition!) If I were to have one suggestion it is to challenge yourself to go completely hog-wild! Try combining a bunch of things together to find creatures, structures and machines.

    One technique that can help is turning the props into silhouettes and start combining them that way. Multiply things use the same shape a bunch of times at weird rotations and sizes.You can find all kinds of crazy shapes that 'look' like many other things.
    I'm looking forward to seeing your designs for Invisible cities! Be free and loose, go crazy and invent! Its going to be brilliant!

    If you ever want to ask me any questions about the course feel free to email me anytime!
    Otherwise I shall be around the blogs and catching up in comments! See you around!

    1. Hi Emily! Yes, you're right. My love for cartoon spills into my work and drawing! Loved seeing your work on Friday, its really inspired me for the course! And just to think my art teachers at school told me I'd never go anywhere with art (well cartoons anyway)! :p Can't wait for you to share some more of your wisdom :)