Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Ice Landscape Test | Photoshop | What If

Original Attempt 

With help from Jordan

Latest test

I've decided that my city will be based around snow and ice. To help with my thumbnails I tried to create a landscape to help with colouring for the thumbnails. In my first thumbnail I attempted to paint 'blind' which ended with some warm tones. I asked Jordan for helped and he reuses my painting and did a 'paint over' and helped me with a lot of tips and ideas. After this I decided to retry using The tips and I think it has come out a lot better than my first attempt. 


  1. Hi Beckie! Sorry, you seemed to have slipped through net... I am following you now, so am looking forward to reading your film reviews :)

  2. Well done Beckie, its very atmospheric and cold looking! Good job!