Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Post Pitch Thoughts | Fantastic Voyage

For the pitch I had my animatic in colour but unfortunately without sounds due to some problems that arose. I will be posting a version of it with sound shortly once I have worked out the error that occurred during exporting.

I got a lot of helpful feedback from the pitch. It mainly revolves around how this idea has so much potential, Its now just a case of adding finesse to it and making it into something truly special.

These are some of the points that were brought up:

  • Get rid of the curtains. Maybe use the box's flaps instead. It's a child's project, there could be a sign on it with "my science project".
  • Child narration could help move the animation along. There could be scripted errors in pronouncing words or putting the wrong sign on screen for the wording said. Perhaps there is 'audience participation'. The 'audience' could boo when the infection is on stage and cheer when the B cells appear.
  • Have the backdrops on a roller instead of being lowered. Make it child friendly. If it was made in real life, how would they make it?
  • Childish aspects like sticky tape, upside down signs, peeling walls are missing. The animatic shows it as being too clean and refined. 
  • Textures need a lot of thought. Do I create them on photoshop or scan in real life textures of paper and cardboard. Maybe crumpled paper will work best.
  • The sign should have lights. (think of an LED battery pack)
  • There is a 'samey' feel about how the signs appear in the same place. Its too repetitive and maybe they should appear from different angles. It was also suggested that the signs are reserved for use of the scientific words.
  • The blood flow cam belt could make the stage feel to cluttered. 
From this, I'm going to revisit my art style and the way I've laid the stage out. I might create a real life version during Easter to help me model from but I'm not sure if this will eat into my time too much but I am definitely considering this. 

I definitely need to think about how the front of the box should be presented. Maybe glittery stars or an assortment of stickers are shown on the front too. Over decoration is exactly what a child would do.

The backdrops will be on 'rollers' or two kitchen rolls. This allows the 'child' operating  it to turn it by hand with ease. I had too many things dropping down from above and upon refection, that makes it too cluttered, repetitive and would be a two child job to operate. 

I think I'm going to make some of the components by hand too. I have cardboard, paint and skewers, why not see what I can make by hand and see how it differs to what I had drawn and used in the animatic. Personally, I think I cleaned the components on photoshop a little too much. A child is more likely to draw with feathered, wobbly lines, colour outside of the lines, dent the card and leave holes in the colouring. I think scanning in a lot of texturing will help with the project as well, so I will track down different pieces of papers, tissue paper and scan them in lightly crumpled. Perhaps they could be used as an overlay to the pieces and might add the depth to them that they are lacking. 

I will also rethink the usage of the signs and change the angles in which they appear on stage to reduce the relative feel. Maybe they could pop up from the floor or the sides.

This is a lot to think about and incorporate into the animation, so I think I will first do some more research into cardboard puppet shows and see what examples are shown. I think this will also help with the styling of the animation and the drawings that I produce from here on out. 

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