Monday, 11 April 2016

FEEDBACK Needed | Pre-viz Set Size | Experimentation | Maya | Fantastic Voyage

After making my pre-viz model of the box, I've began to wonder if I made the 'stage' area too small. So I've created 2 wider versions to see what not only looks better but what would give my animation more space to take place.

I prefer 2 the most as it's not too wide and is probably the closest in size to my real life version, meaning these proportions are more believable. 3 is also a good size and has a lot more space for animating in but I feel it may be too wide.

Any feedback is appreciated


  1. I agree that 2 appears to work fairly well. It's balanced, you might even be able to move the camera a touch forward, so that the flaps are only just visible.

    3 seems a little stretched to me.