Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Star Chamber | Dissertation Proposal | OGR | Year 2


  1. This is a well organised and thought through proposal and you have put a lot of work and detail into breaking down chapters in a logical and ordered way and structuring a discussion and debate-
    The sooner you get to critical discussion and theory the better- you may not have to do so much overview in the first chapter on traditional animation techniques and examples.

    I have some ideas posed as questions and some additional suggestions for reading to push you along

    Read some more texts focussing on postmodern theory:
    Fredrick Jameson develops Walter Benjamin’s ideas further and discusses ‘the waning of affect’- which is very often used as a way to critique CGI- digitization etc- we have a simulation of affect but no depth..
    Missing at the moment is a deep case study on a specific film/animation considering creative conceptual formal and technical aspects
    Consider a sort of Nostalgia present in animation for older forms such as stop motion or hybrid blending of animated forms

    I would read also for some more context:
    But is it Art by Cynthia Freedland who discusses digitization
    This blog overviews her chapters and you can see the relevance
    Read Practices of Looking: an introduction to visual culture by Marita Sturken or something similar, put your discussion into context with other debates that circulate in this area
    Look at synthetic Realism in animation as disappointing- Read Simulations by Baudrillard
    Read Teach Yourself Postmodernism by Glen Ward and consider more broadly the debates around reality and Animation/Film Postmodernism

    Kath Abiker

  2. In simple terms, it seems as if you're arguing that CGI animation has a deficit - has a percentage of something 'missing' that makes it different (less engaging?!)? Are you trying to articulate the nature/nuts and bolts of that deficit - are you trying to account for it as an issue of our human perception? Are you trying to explain it to fix it?

    1) Proof the deficit exists beyond your own nostalgic enjoyment of 2d animation and also proof that the deficit is difficult to articulate - consider arguing that 'aura' and the 'waning of affect' might be the vocabulary by which you can characterised that deficit.

    2) ?

    3) Case-studies - you could try comparing and contrasting example of worst practice versus best practice, with best practice being someone trying to 'fill' the deficit through a return to 'craft' ideas of 'materiality', aura etc.