Thursday, 15 October 2015

Wears and Finery | Influences | Reference | Invisible Cities

Phil linked me to a few wears made from the goods that the miners dig up, so I decided to research further into what jewellery and finery might be on sale in the heart of the city.

The imagery goes as follows:

  • Onyx (including snowflake obsidian)
  • Agate (mineral form, slices and jewellery)
  • Chrysoprase (mineral form, jewellery and tumble stones)
  • Chalcedony (druzy, jewellery and mineral)
Just from looking at these you can immediately tell that they could sell for a high price to the rich and travellers. 

Do the workers sell the minerals to tradesmen who produce the finery before sales men  buy them and increasing the price tenfold? Or do the workers give the minerals to their wives who refine it down before selling it on to tradesmen who produce the jewellery? These are questions that I will have to answer before drafting my city out. 

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