Thursday, 12 November 2015

Layering Thumbnails 2 | Photoshop | What If

Due to internet problems I'm finding it hard to post images at the moment for some strange reason but here is 6 more 'buildings' that I've created by layering some of the abstract forms I created in Photoshop. I'm really starting to like the way that these cream pieces are looking. The extra lines within each section was a worry to start with but they seem to be adding depth and texture to the buildings. These are the ones that I think look most like Iris's 'Radiation Invasion' collection, even more so than the previous green versions I uploaded.


  1. :D ! In Maya now, I think you could do a very similar process - create a simple element based on one of the simple Photoshop elements - and do some layering up to get a sense of how these might work in 3D space.

    1. Will do Phil! Just got a few more bits to upload first (internet permitting) then I'll crack on with some Maya work! :D

  2. These are going to look incredible in 3D. Great work Beckie!