Monday, 2 November 2015

Thumbnails 21-26 | Photoshop | What If

For the first 4 thumbnails, I created some quick collages using the buildings I have designed already. They may not be 3D yet but have allowed me to see that they work well with each other. I've also started to play with the colours a little so I can start to create the colour palette for the city.

For thumbnail 25, I merged 3 of my existing buildings together to make a bigger stately building. Combining shapes like this is really starting to add depth to my pieces. 26 was another pair of shoes connected together to make a huge apartment building, almost like a sky scraper. 


  1. These are some interesting styles Becky. I think you're making progress with thumbnail 25. My only concern with those four thumbnails is that in using 2D buildings, you lose the depth. I fear that what you are after may become difficult when you add a third dimension to them 24 (the bottom-right of the four landscapes) you have two triangular buildings that you've made look more suited to being statues than houses or shops. Because in imagining side and back walls they look like they would cut into other buildings.

    So maybe try another direction. Maybe you could draw blocks first and stick buildings in those blocks. The designs are good so far, the ice may be a bit fuzzy for ice though.

    1. Thank you. I did notice how they were looking a little flat. I'll try your technique :) I also spoke to Jordan yesterday on how best to draw ice and snow so I've got that experiment with now too!