Saturday, 9 July 2016

Adventures in Lanzarote

In June I travelled to Lanzarote for a holiday. Unfortunately I forgot to pack a sketchbook (I'd left it on my bed - oops!) Instead I used the next best thing I had available - NAPKINS! I took some gorgeous shots of the island and I would definitely recommend it to everyone! I warn you it is a very windy island and it is very easy to get sunburnt there!

Lampost and flower bed. The Volcanic Green Lake El Golfo
2 of the many hundreds of cactus varieties that I found on the island

View of the Volcanic Green lake El Golfo and the view behind (this was a volcano that has since corroded into the sea so one side is open and the lake exists in what once was the crater) 
Some of the Volcanoes inside the Timanfaya National Park

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