Wednesday, 12 October 2016

1st Draft of Script | Dinamica ART Industries | Narrative | Group Project | Year 2


A drug deal has gone wrong and left the Mafia boss with a baby and half the cash he should have had. He decides to go on with his day with the baby in tow. The animation will follow his journey as he tries to carry out a full day

Conflict: Man Vs Family
Ending: “I backed away from him without a word and got out of the room.”
Genre: “Superhero”

Starts with a drug deal. The Mafia Boss has his back to the camera and we see another guy hand over a black bag obviously bulging full of cash. The other guys turns and walks away.

Scene cuts to the Mafia boss walking through this office door and drops the bag on the floor before sitting at his desk. The bag tips over and a baby crawls out. It crawls over to the wall where a pen has been thrown and it proceeds to draw on the wall as it crawls along. The Boss looks up and see some of the drawings and storms over to investigate.

He grabs the kid and picks it up. 

“Where did you come from kid?” 
Baby gurgles. He looks over to the bag which is on its side with cash scattered around it. 
“Are you kidding me?! They gave me half a bag of cash and a kid…what am I gunna do with you huh?”
Baby looks up at him and gurgles.
“Well kid, I don't even know you’re name…I guess I should name you. How’s about Snake Eyes”
Baby begins to cry
“Shit uhh I guess you don’t like that, Two face?”
Baby cries harder.
“Crap! Baby face just quieten down okay?!”
Baby stops crying.
“Baby face it is then”

Mafia boss is sat at his desk writing on something with the baby crawling around his feet. 
“You must be thirsty little man. Here you go”
Boss hands the boss a bottle of beer instead of milk. The boss opens his own beer and continues with his work. The baby gets drunk and is wobbling about before passing out.

Scene changes to the boss talking to his crew with them passing the baby around. Someone hands it a knife and they laugh at it waving the knife about before it stabs one of the guys in the foot. The whole crew erupts into laughter. 

Mafia boss take kid to drug deal. He’s rocking the baby in his arms trying to carry on but no one can take him seriously.

Scene changes to the boss talking to his crew with the baby wandering about grabbing cigarettes and cash from each persons pockets before shoving the evidence down its nappy. Crew stands up and arguments begin. Each blaming the other for their missing items.

The crew is shown sat around a big table all visibly annoyed and on edge. The Mafia Boss explains a heist drawn out on a board. Sends them all away before returning to his office. 

Boss opens the office door to find the baby sat in his chair with other mafia members behind him with shotguns.

Fades to black

“I backed away from him without a word and got out of the room.”

Slowly reveals Mafia Boss in therapists chair.

“Doc you gotta believe me man - the kids been playing me all along!”

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