Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Script Idea | 3 Little Piggies | Character

This is my idea for the character project

Location: Wildcard - Pet store

Opening - Pet store front. 

We see a guy walk into the shop and hear the bell ring. Close up on the guinea pig pen. Close up of guinea pigs. Squeaking is heard. Close up of the father, licking his paw and smoothes out the younger guinea pigs hair out of his eyes. It flops back into place. The father says “So you know, the worse you look, the smarter they think you are” 

Camera turns to the fathers face to see dumb, vacant expression. Father looks considerably ‘worse’ than the son. The camera cuts to a 3rd guinea pig being lifted out of the pen by the shop owner for the customer. Camera shows face of 3rd guinea pig. It shows a very scruffy looking creature. Camera cuts to the son shouting up to the 3rd guinea pig “oh they’re gunna think you’re a genius Brian!”

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