Sunday, 7 May 2017


This is how my model is supposed to look but every time I save and close the program, something weird happens. When reopening the file, an error code appears and then the trousers implode.

This was the 3rd time this happened. Every time this happened, I just deleted the trousers and remodelled because I knew I could model it better than the time before. I also made a copy of the file and changed the name to see if it would help.

This is what happened for the 5th time. The trousers at the top are how it looked before I closed it and  this is how it looked when I reopened it.

It hasn't happened to the suit jacket or to any of my other files including the skull. I don't know what to or if there is any fix? I have modelled the trousers 5 times now and every time I reopen the files including the autosaves and backups, the error appears and the trousers implode.


  1. I have that error appear all the time and it doesn't seem to do anything usually. When I was modelling the JPJ tutorials I had a similar problem where the mesh would go all funny if I closed and reopened the file. I found it was too much history on the model so maybe try deleting the history every once in a while as you're modelling? Not sure if that would help but figured I'd share.

  2. Dee is right Becky. You need to delete the history before saving your model. If you have saved over your old file(s) (ie you only have one Maya file now with this in it) there is no way back unfortunately.

    As for the error warning, ignore it its due to 2016.5 updates and the new Render setup window. It has no effect.