Sunday, 24 January 2016

Post OGR Thoughts | From Script to Screen

After my feedback, I was glad to get the green light with only a few minor tweaks needed. Helium balloons will make an appearance twice. First as a pleasant thing before being shown as used for evil. This means that the helium balloons will be used to celebrate the new interns arrival and then again at the end to make the elves voices squeaky.

This is my story so far with some minor tweaks…

A young intern wins one of several placements and must battle it out to be named as ‘Santa’s Little Helper’ at a world renowned toy workshop. Little does he realise that this factory has a dark secret. His colleagues are slowly going missing and there is an ominous locked door in the factory that he has seen people enter but never leave from…

When he arrives, he is ushered into a room filled with balloons and a banner saying “Congratulations! You have been chosen!” A worker allocates each of them with their work and sets the rules. The first and foremost being “Do not enter the door. There are some nasty chemicals being used in there”. 

His suspicions are first aroused when one of his co-workers, a close friend, disappears when searching for a machine part. He believes he sees him a week later but more elf like…but as more interns come and go in the factory each week, he is certain that some of the familiar faces of his previous workers are still here but cannot prove his suspicions.

He sees workers in hazard suits enter the door daily and becomes more and more curious, so when a fellow worker leaves the mysterious door ajar, he seizes his opportunity to scramble through, only to discover a terrible secret. The room is filled with ceiling to floor ‘cutesifiers’ turning his old co-workers into overly cute elf figures.

Reindeers are powering the machines in hamster wheel like contraptions and huge vats of liquid that are being pumped into the ‘elves’ with signs saying “sugar”, “spice” and “everything nice”. The final step of the process sees giant helium balloons above the elves who are strapped to chairs, being forced to inhale more and more to perfect the iconic squeaky voice.

He runs out only to have Santa appear. With the facade broken, Santa places his hand on the interns’ shoulder and says “Son, where did you think all the elves came from?”
Image of shocked interns face then cut to black.

My next step for this project is to start research and begin some basic character designs. I think my first port of call should be research around elves, factory/warehouse/production line settings and interns. I’m hoping to map my script out slowly while doing this so I can get a sense of the overall theme.

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