Monday, 18 January 2016

Variance | Character Design Workshop

This was a great exercise which expanded on last week's lesson. This time using variance to help change our given character. I was given Homer Simpson and began playing about with the shape of his head while trying to keep some of his main features. This is a lot harder to do than I first thought as he is such an iconic character.

Then I began to play about with the shape of his body. Justin was a big help, constantly telling me to push myself further and to not be afraid of using over exaggeration to help push the changes across. 

Finally, we were given a topic to base our work around. I had Gladiators. I came up with three characters and began drafting them out. 
The first is our hero character. Well defined, muscular and everyone's favourite; swinging his legendary sword.

The second is a bulky and over exaggerated strong man. You can tell just by looking at him that he uses his size to his advantage with brute force.

The final character is the newbie. A bit of a dweeb in hand me down armour which is definitely too big for him.

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