Thursday, 23 November 2017

Late Drawing Entry | Results from Kit | Minor Project | Year 3

Here is a late response to my kits that I sent out. This drawing is by Layla (aged 7) and I've been told I'm not allowed to remove the smudges as "they are part of it!"

Her world includes:
  • Portals with parking spaces (you park your spaceship on the roof)
  • Another portal that leads anywhere but its favourite is the beach. Portals all lead to different places
  • House floating - can land on platform
  • Robot pet shop. Sells all pets as robots and some are radioactive and glow in the dark.
  • Disco trampoline changes lights with each bounce.
  • Light up pool (mood lighting) Comes with a calm pool for if you've had an angry swim. 
Her responses to the questions are as follows:
What does your home look like? - intergalactic!
How are you cooking your dinner? - Ultra violet combined with gamma rays
How are you watching TV? - EVERYWHERE
What is your mode of transport? - Levitating
What are you/your children playing with? - BIG robots and bouncy slide
Describe your garden/outdoor space - Blue grass that glows in the dark with light up flowers
What can you see from your window - space ships

What is the year 2500 like to live in?

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