Monday, 30 January 2017

Chosen Idea | Adaption A | Year 2

Upon reviewing all of my options for Adaption A, it has become increasingly hard to chose between the 2 ideas. I like the idea of using both ideas and creating 2 short videos in the style of a mini web series titled “What They Don't Tell You”. The idea behind this, is that they are weekly infographics released on a number of topics. This way, I can use the information from both the teacher and parents ideas and create 2 short infographics.

This means the art style has to flow between the two pieces. The colour scheme will also have to either be the same in both pieces or compliment each other. As the deadline is not far away, getting a voice over will be hard to do, I may have to rely on the typography and timing of the piece. The font would have to be clean and not a fancy script. The font I choose would probably have to be a running theme throughout both videos to add a sense of connection.

I would like to make both pieces short and snappy. When I was looking at infographics, I found that watching any under 1:30 minutes, I was left wanting more, any over 2-3 minutes could drag. This means that I will have to limit what facts / statistics / information I use for each piece. I will have to sort the scripts out for both videos asap to ensure that I have enough time to plan both videos out, create all the art necessary, conduct some tests in after effects and still have time to put them together. The turn around for this to happen is going to be tight but I feel that this will be a good way to help me with my time management. For this to work I need to set myself realistic daily deadlines and post regularly to the blog to show my progress and get any relevant feedback as I go along rather than just at the end. 

To summarise, I will be making 2 videos as my final piece as if they were part of a mini web series called “What They Don’t Tell You”. This will consist of “Things Your Parents Doesn't Tell You” and “Things your Teacher Doesn't Tell You”. 

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