Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Reflective Statement | Narrative | Group Project | Year 2

From the start, this group project has been challenging in many ways. It has definitely opened my eyes to see that group work is sometimes a lot harder than you first think it might be and sometimes you do need outside help to fix internal issues.

I have definitely learnt that communication is key and this was something that was definitely missing from my group. Communication is hard and can often lead to issues. Communication within my group was lacking from the start and I wish that I had put more of an effort into keeping communications within the group more constant.

If this project could be restarted I would have changed the roles around a bit more. The roles were extremely lop sided and I think this put uneven amounts of pressure on different people. We should also have re-evaluated these roles a few weeks in and adjusted to fit everyones' needs.

A lot of my work was research based, which was useful but I should have found a better way to pass on the knowledge I was learning, as it may have helped others. I should have also stepped out of my main roles and helped with the workload. Initially I didn't want to do this as I didn't want the others to feel like I was trying to take over but in hindsight it may have eased their workload.

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