Monday, 30 January 2017

Further Ideas | The Last Dragon Chronicles | Adaption B | Year 2

The Last Dragon Chronicles is a series of books with a target audience for young teenagers. The book revolves around David Rain, a lodger in the Pennykettle residence. He soon finds out the clay dragons, scattered around the house are actually real and all possess special powers. I wanted to model 3 of the main dragons from the series: Gadzooks, Gretel and Grace. 

Clay Dragon Information

An inspirational writing dragon with a powerful ability to make events happen simply by writing down words on the notepad he carries. Guides David throughout the series and is influential in all the major developments of the story.

A potions dragon who casts spells in the scents of flowers. Initially made for Gwilanna, she later defects to Zanna.

A listening dragon. She has the ability to pick up and beam signals from and to humans such as Liz or David, or any of the other Pennykettle dragons.

At home I have 2 clay dragons of my own. ‘Smokey’ on the left is an incense burner. You put an incense cone inside and smoke trails from his nostrils. ‘Lumos’ on the right is an ornate lamp. I wanted to draw inspiration from these and input them into my own.

Little Dragon Designs, is a small company on Facebook. The lady sculpts her own dragons. They are truly amazing and a great reference point but they may ultimately be too realistic. Although these are sculpted by hand just like in the books, they may have too much detail which could be hard to depict in Maya. 

For this idea, I ultimately want to model at least 1 of these clay dragons and merge it with a comic book style. Due to their ‘hidden’ powers, I was thinking about making them into a superhero gang like the X-Men or the Fantastic Four. This may be down to the posing or the colouring, maybe even black outlines using the toon shader to accentuate the comic style or if more than one if modelled, it could be a ‘gang’ pose that is used.

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