Saturday, 21 January 2017

Tutorial Write Up | Adaption A & B | Year 2

After my tutorial with Alan, I have come away with some more insightful feedback for both Adaption A and B. I have tried to sum up the feedback given for both projects with a few key points:

Adaption A
  • I have 1 week to finalise my ideas and chose a final route to follow.
  • My piece can be short. I could even do 2 short pieces as if they were to be part of a mini online web series.
  • I do not need to worry about the style of my piece just yet. Style will fall into place once my final idea comes into fruition. 
  • The ideas I have been working on do not necessarily have ‘real’ statistics. I could do mini interviews with friends and family to ask what they think about each and form my own statistics from their answers and base my work around this instead.

Adaption B
  • Steer clear of already adapted work. Artemis Fowl is not only a book but it is also a graphic novel and is in the process of being adapted for film. I don't want to get bogged down with pre-existing artwork as it could potentially influence my work.
  • I need to look for the 10% niche. When my ideas are broken down into their main structure, the topics they reflect can be seen as generic. Skullduggery Pleasant is skeletons, detectives and magic. The Last Dragon Chronicles is pottery dragons. The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness is a boy and his wolf. Artemis Fowl is a boy genius and his fight with fairies and magical folk. If I do want to pursue any of these, I need to completely understand the idea behind what I am adapting and find a niche angle to adapt from. From film noir detectives to anthropomorphised clay dragons depicted as a gang, I need to find some way to give my work a spark.
  • As I am passionate about all the novels, I need to dive down the rabbit hole and exploit as many angles and as much information as I can until one idea proves its worth. I feel that unless I do this I could end up choosing an idea and within a few weeks feel like it has fallen flat because there wasn't much depth to my starting idea. 

My plan for the next week is as follows:
For Adaption A, I need to ask others their thoughts and write down their opinions on my topics. From this maybe I could compare their answers and see if there is a running trend within each topic. Each idea will need to be bulked up so I can chose a topic that is not only relatable but translates well on screen. It might be that I chose a web series, or I may make a stand alone infographic but I definitely need the information and ideas to back it. From this point on, I can then begin to design my infographic. 

For Adaption B, I need to push myself to come up with as many ideas as possible surrounding each core idea. I need to explore as many angles as possible, find text excerpts that are interesting and turn my passion for each series into a fruitful idea, riddled with information. By Friday, I would like to hope that I have either chosen my final idea or that I am very close to choosing as then I can dedicate my time and effort into it. 

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