Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Infographic Research | Adaption A | Year 2

Following on from my video infographic research, I decided to look into standard infographics as well. I thought these might give me some ideas for layout, text and style. These are the 9 that really caught my eye.

The layout for these three caught my eye initially. The first one is in black and white but there is a clear style to it. Each drawing may be simple with a thick black outline but it is really effective. The second follows a colour theme throughout and the way it has been presented was nice and clear. Although there isn't much text, it works well for the piece. The 3rd is heavily reliant on different fonts and colours.

These 3 images are heavily reliant on the text. If these were to be made into video infographics, the images they have would work well and most of the text could be heard as a voice over with only vital information on screen. The coffee facts infographic is the one that I think would work best as a video infographic as it has an even amount of text and imagery and there is a constant theme throughout.

These final three are infographics about the environment. The colour scheme reflects the topic and are shown in a clear format. These made me realise that the colours for an infographic didn't necessarily have to be bright, but it also has to fit within the initial theme. 

All of them are reliant on the text and imagery as well as a clear theme. I think that I will have to find some facts and statistics for my project before looking into the fonts or choosing a colour scheme as this could ultimately impact on the look of the final piece.

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