Friday, 13 January 2017

Initial Ideas | Adaption A | Year 2

Things your _____ doesn't tell you

Initial Ideas 
  • Missing toys are really in the bin
  • Your drawings were terrible when you were little
  • They had a life before you
  • Needles DO hurt
  • No 2 people are a like - even with illnesses 
  • They’ve seen it all before
School / Teachers
  • Taxes are real - and they're important too
  • Rent is A LOT of money
  • Finding a job is hard
  • Coursework doesn't get easier
  • Friends wont stay with you forever (mostly)
  • Your hair WAS a mess that day
  • Those clothes really don't suit you
  • Theres something stuck in your teeth (for a while now)
  • They tally all the meals they buy you (even if they say they don’t)
  • Your hair falls out. A lot.
  • Sleep is so underrated
  • Every face you dream of you’ve seen before
  • You have 4 to 7 dreams a night - even if you don't remember them
  • Sounds influence your dreams
  • Your food is so tasty!
  • Squirrel!
  • I love you the most - until someone else has food
  • A belly rub is a belly rub - it doesn't matter who its from
Other Ideas
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Favorite Films

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  1. Hi Becky

    Pitch Feedback

    Ok, lots of good choices in your list Becky. I’m not sure which one personally tops your list but quite a few of these could work as an inforgraphic. However, when choosing it helps to understand what each idea entails in terms of approach and how achievable that is in the time - Abstract ideas such as dreams are harder to produce because the information is largely subjective so I’d advise against this one. The same is true of your ‘dog’ idea which tends towards the fictional. (Of course this can be done but it would involve a refined and evolved script to do it - taking up time). Your ‘other ideas’ these seem less like they answer your title too. So that leaves the more recognisable topics which appear to be more relatable to an audience such as the topics ‘teachers, doctors, and parents’. All of these are universal and can be depicted in a fun and engaging way. In terms of moving on consider the points above and explore your topics in terms of ‘what facts?’, ‘can it sustain the duration?’, and ‘can I make it fun and engaging?’. Try to choose one (and a back-up) before your next tutorial.